Drug Detection Searches
Drug Detection Searches are successful in proving that not much can be hidden from the dog. Unlike other canine units our dogs are also proficient at detecting residual odors. Locating areas where substances are used or stored although the actual substance has been removed, can be an invaluable tool in identifying problem areas or persons.

Mistral Drug Detection Kit can be used to follow up our dogs indications

Using a trained drug detection dog allows large areas to be searched in less time. There is no need to add additional man hours. As an example a K-9 team can inspect as many as 1400 lockers in as little as 70 minutes. Our K-9’s have been used to search Cargo areas for courier companies, mailing facilities, airport facilities, shipping companies.

Our dogs attend many workshops and seminars during the year to sharpen their skills and are certified yearly with and independent tester from American Working Dog Association.

All searches are conducted with confidentiality.

What substances can be detected?

Our drug detection dogs are trained to identify the following substances.

  • marijuana
  • hashish
  • hash oil,
  • cocaine
  • crack cocaine
  • heroin
  • meth
  • OxyContin
  • ecstasy, and alcohol.

Our dogs are also trained to alert on the source of the odor. During a search the dog may indicate on paraphernalia such as pipes, pens, paper clips, bottles or residual odor etc. In some instances when substances are located, field testing maybe required. We use Mistral test kits to follow up on the indications of the dogs.

All of our dogs are trained, tested and certified annually. The standard odors are: marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, Oxi, Ecstasy, and any opiates by a nationally recognized, unbiased, independent testing organization – American Working Dog Association.
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Some contraband our dogs have found. All finds have been turned over to Law Enforcement.
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