Known Internationally as a Leader in the Detection Dog Industry.
For more than 25 years, Toronto K9 Detection is focused on training of certified detection dogs, Explosive, Drugs, Accelerant, Cadaver, Mold and Bed bugs, for various Government agencies, Corporations and Companies throughout North and South America as well as Europe.
  • Graduate of Militiaman Rescue Operations with Canadian Army-57 LAA Regt, Welland
  • Past OPP auxiliary Officer, Welland, Ontario
  • Appeared as a dog training expert on numerous T.V. and Radio talk shows
  • Recognized as expert witness in court
  • Trained dogs and handlers within police forces, emergency response teams, security services and foreign governments.
  • Accredited explosive, narcotic, accelerant and United Nations landmine detection dog handler and trainer
  • Acted as Training Director for Shutzhund Clubs of Ontario for 8 years.
  • Provide Drug searches for Northern mining companies.
  • Over 40 Search warrants for NRPD and RCMP Drug Task Force
  • Handled and trained Mine Detection dogs in Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia.
  • Responsible for the training and placement of Patrol Dogs for CORRECTIONS CANADA, in Kingston Penitentiary and Western Provinces
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