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Known Internationally as a Leader in the Detection Dog Industry.
When choosing a Detection dog team for your specific job, ensure that they have third party certification, (not in house ) Insurance, and training records to prove  proper maintenance standards.  Our Detection dog inspections have set standards in the detection dog industry for over 25 years.
Drug Detection Dogs
Highly skilled drug detection dog teams can be a major asset in any successful drug interdiction program.
Explosive Detection Dogs
Employing skilled bomb detection dogs is one of the most effective ways to deter and eliminate explosive threats.
Landmine detection dogs play an important role in returning areas savaged by war into a safe, friendly environment.
Agriculture Dogs
Dogs can be trained to save farmers millions of dollars by detecting pepper weevil bugs that destroy crops. This bug travels on vehicles from South America, United States and now in Canada.
Bed Bug Inspections
We use the same motivational training methods for bed bug detection that have made us a leader in Detection Dog Training. We now have 2 teams serving Niagara, Toronto and Cottage Country.
Toronto K9 Detection has worked for CIDC on a number of detection dog assignments internationally since 1999 in Bosnia and Croatia. We consider him an expert in his field of training and operating working dogs for all types of tasks. He designed training programs for dogs and ingenious to work for Landmine clearance.

CIDC, Sydney Nova Scotia.

The Niagara Regional Police Service has enjoyed a relationship with Toronto K9 Detection for more than two(2) decades. In all circumstances I have always been impressed with his dedication to quality and professionalism we have never had any concerns dealing with Toronto K9 Detection.

Niagara Regional Police Service
Inspector Robert Wright

Toronto K9 Detection service is always impressive. He is punctual, professional and pays close attention to detail. The dog is well behaved and highly effective. I highly recommend using Toronto K9 Detection.

Aliza E
NCSY /Canada

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